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How do I create an account?

Does the Language Perfect application use up my Internet data?
Yes. To use Language Perfect, it requires a persistent Internet connection. This is needed for keeping track of your scores, downloading the words and sounds as you need them. We recommend a Wi-Fi connection to avoid mobile data charges.

How do I type in different languages?
The Language Perfect mobile app uses the keyboard on your device for all input. For information on how to setup your keyboard to use different languages click here.

How are points calculated?

You earn points by learning words, which means answering a word correctly three times in a row (or twice with no mistakes). This earns you a star which equals one point (1pt).

The scoring system also rewards you for revising the words you have already learned. The day after you first learn a word you can revise the same word to earn a second star. Each new star gives you another point, up to five stars. The stars can be earned after increasing gaps:

Stars Points When can I earn this star?
1 Immediately
★★ 2 The next day
★★★ 3 One week after scoring two stars
★★★★ 4 One month after scoring three stars
★★★★★ 5 Three months after scoring four stars

You can earn up to 5 stars for each word in each of the four learning modes. For example, in French the four learning modes are:

That makes a long-term maximum of 20 points for a single word across the 4 learning modes (5 stars x 4 modes).